Quarantining as a Family

Telecia and I have been quarantining since the beginning of 2020. In all that time, we have not been sick either. Except for yesterday. (Don't worry, we tested negative for COVID) It was definitely great not getting sick for a full year. The only thing I ever got was a headache, probably due to too much or too little caffeine, and allergies. That has to be a record for me not getting even the cold.

Watching AJ Grow

One of the many things of being a husband and father, is I get to see my son grow up. His personality is really starting to come in. He is talking so much more, and is always wanting to do things himself now. Here is him at the start of quarantine.

AJ at the start of quarantine

Look at that cute face. Now take a look at him one year later!

AJ in 2021, using a tablet.

Man how 1 year can make so many changes! He is a lot of fun to play with. He can be a typical 2 year old, but, he is very smart. He says please and thank you, and always looks happy.

1 Year of Changes

We got new furniture. At the start of the quarantine we bought new furniture, since the old couches were going bad. the "leather" was coming right off! We bought new, hopefully real leather, couches. These things are really good and so glad we made the purchase. they were very expensive, but, we got 0% financing, and the stimulus helped in paying for that.

The only good picture I could find of the new couches.

We also got a fence! It seemed to have taken forever to get approval through our HOA, but we finally got everything finalized and got a fence put up! We even did a bunch of work to make a fire pit with rocks. We also got a swing put up for AJ. It is such a blast to play in the back yard.

A couple awesome things happened in 2020. My brother Jarrid and sister-in-law Breonna had another baby! I was able to do their maternity pictures! Oh, did I mention I got a new camera for family portraits? Well yeah, that happened. My niece, Sarah, got married! I got to walk her down the aisle. She moved away though, so bittersweet.

I also got into more gaming with the Oculus Quest 2 and cloud gaming with Stadia and xCloud.


Although 2020 and currently we are in a pandemic, a lot of good things happened. It is always a good idea to look back and see all the good things that happen within a year. I might start doing this more. Make this a yearly thing, where I go back and let you all know of all the positives within the last year.

Have a wonderful 2021 everyone!