My Son in the Garden
My Son in the Garden - Joshua Pack


My father has a farm, well, not really a farm. It is more of a small garden. Much bigger than mine, but not farm size. However, he is always showing off his "farm" every time I come over. To be fair, I WANT to see the "farm" every time I come over. Gardening has always been an interest of mine, but, due to time and not having a natural green thumb, I never started. So, this month I am starting a garden!

Digging out the Grass

My Son "Helping"

First, I measured an 8 foot by 4 foot plot of land in my backyard. I decided to put it right under my bedroom, so I can keep an eye on my "farm". This task of removing the grass, like sod, was super difficult using just a shovel. Not only that, but I hit many MANY rocks. I am unsure as to why there are so many rocks, and big ones at that.

Sod Moved to Another Location

I moved my sod over to a new location where there was not very much grass in the back yard. Hopefully, if I keep watering them, it will grow in place. Maybe I need to till the location?? Let me know if I need to do that.

I then had to till the soil. I mixed in a bag of garden soil and let me tell you right here right now, it looked fresh and alive!

The Box

The Box

I then went to Home Depot, cause Lowe's was selling 4x4x8's for $36 each, but ended up finding some nice landscaping lumber about the same size for $5.27 each. My son and I cut them all up and built a box. Why a box? Well, Telecia wanted it to look nice, and well, this is what we came up with. We are also looking at getting a small fence to keep bunnies out. We have a fence around our backyard, but bunnies seem to figure out ways to fit under it.

AJ and I Drilling Holes for Nails

To Be Continued...

That's it for now, except I need to add in my plants. It's not a farm unless you have plants. I did however add in a pineapple. I was cutting up a pineapple the day before and decided to save it for the "farm". I do not think it will come to anything, but, you never know. It should would be nice to have pineapples!

I will update you guys when I get more stuff on this journey of mine into the world of Gardening. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to message me!

My Pineapple