Eating Healthy

Eating healthy can be hard to do. Telecia and I can attest to that! However, this is something we all need to do. We need to make a habit of it. We need to love it and enjoy it. But how do you go about doing that when you love to eat unhealthy foods? That is the question I bring to you today!

Well, eating healthy stems from wanting to feel good and to lose weight (or get to your desired weight). I personally want to feel better and to lose some weight! Eating healthy is a part of it. I have found out that it also requires to eat less calories you burn if you want to lose weight.

So, I started doing that last year. Here are my weights for last year. My weight graph 2017

As you can see, I did it, I lost weight!

But then you see it strating to creep back up. That's because I felt good, and decided to go back eating more calories. I got stuck in doing this over and over again. I love pizza and wings!

Yummy pizza

Mainly pizza! It tastes so good, but it is high in calories, and if you just have 1 piece, you are fine, but I do not want one piece of pizza. I want 8 pieces, and don't give me 8 small pieces, or I will get angry!

To start eating healthy, it will require 2 things.

  1. Loving Healthy Foods
  2. Disliking Unhealthy Foods

First part is easy, since I do like a lot of healthy options, but that second part will be hard. How am I to do that? Leave a comment below if you know how :)